WoSoCer 2020 Workshop Program


Opening (Mon Oct 12, 13:00-13:10 UTC)

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Session 1: Keynote (Mon Oct 12, 13:10-13:55 UTC, Session Chair: Luigi De Simone)

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Keynote Talk: How do Ordinary Coding Errors Contribute to Security Vulnerabilities?
D. Richard Kuhn, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Computer Security Division, Gaithersburg, Maryland, US


Session 2: Reconfigurable Systems (Mon Oct 12, 13:55-14:15 UTC, Session Chair: Johnny Marques)

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Resilience, Survivability, and Elasticity: A Taxonomy for Change Impact Quantification of Reconfigurable Systems
Alireza Hakamian, Floriment Klinaku, André van Hoorn, and Steffen Becker


Session 3: Machine Learning and Certification Evidence (Mon Oct 12, 14:30-15:30 UTC, Session Chair: Fuqun Huang)

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Ensuring Dataset Quality for Machine Learning Certification
Eric Jenn, Sylvaine Picard, Camille Chapdelaine, Baptiste Lefèvre, Thomas Soumarmon, Cyril Cappi, and Laurent Gardes

New Wine in an Old Bottle: N-Version Programming for Machine Learning Components
Arpan Gujarati, Sathish Gopalakrishnan, and Karthik Pattabiraman

Towards Automated Evidence Generation for Rapid and Continuous Software Certification
Joanna Cecilia Da Silva Santos, Ali Shokri, and Mehdi Mirakhorli


Session 4: Test and Safety Cases (Mon Oct 12, 15:45-16:45 UTC, Session Chair: Andrea Ceccarelli)

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Checkable Safety Cases: Enabling Automated Consistency Checks between Safety Work Products
Carmen Carlan, Daniel Petrișor, Barbara Gallina, and Hannes Schoenhaar

Safety-Critical Software - Quantification of Test Results
Johan Sundell, Kristina Lundqvist, and Håkan Forsberg

Generating test cases to evaluate and improve processes of safety-critical systems development
Lilian Barros, Celso Hirata, Johnny Marques, and Ana Maria Ambrosio