RSDA 2020 Workshop Program


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Session 1: Security and Privacy (Mon Oct 12, 13:00-14:15 UTC)


Vulnerability Analysis as Trustworthiness Evidence in Security Benchmarking: A Case Study on Xen
Charles Gonçalve and Nuno Antunes

Evaluating the Accuracy of Password Strength Meters using Off-The-Shelf Guessing Attacks
David Pereira, Joao F. Ferreira and Alexandra Mendes

EARNEST: A challenge-based intrusion prevention system for CAN messages
Gianpiero Costantino, Ilaria Matteucci and Domenico Morales


Session 2: Deep Learning and Dependability Evaluation (Mon Oct 12, 14:30-15:30 UTC)


Considering Reliability of Deep Learning Function to Boost Data Suitability and Anomaly Detection
Lydia Gauerhof, Yuki Hagiwara, Christoph Schorn and Mario Trapp

Evaluating Deep Learning Classification Reliability in Android Malware Family Detection
Francesco Mercaldo, Fabio Martinelli, Giacomo Iadarola and Antonella Santone

A flexible simulation-based framework for model-based/data-driven dependability evaluation
Carlo Abate, Lelio Campanile and Stefano Marrone


Session 3: Keynote and Closing (Mon Oct 12, 15:45-16:45 UTC)


Keynote Talk: Dependability Meets Data Analytics
Saurabh Bagchi

Closing Remarks
Raffaele Della Corte, Christopher Gutierrez, Jin Hong and Marta Catillo