GAUSS 2020 Workshop Program


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Opening (Mon Oct 12, 13:00-13:10 UTC)



Keynote 1 (Mon Oct 12, 13:10-13:45 UTC)


Testing and Debugging Autonomous Driving: Experiences with Path Planner and Future Challenges
Fuyuki Ishikawa


Session 1: Architecture (Mon Oct 12, 13:45-14:15 UTC)


Domain Metric Driven Decomposition of Data-Intensive Applications
Matteo Camilli, Carmine Colarusso, Barbara Russo, and Eugenio Zimeo

Towards the synthesis of context-aware choreographies
Gianluca Filippone, Marco Autili, and Massimo Tivoli


Keynote 2 (Mon Oct 12, 14:30-15:05 UTC)


Stopping the Barbarians at the Gate: Protecting IoT Devices from Security Attacks
Karthik Pattabiraman


Session 2: Validation (Mon Oct 12, 15:05-15:30 UTC)


Towards Anomaly Detectors that Learn Continuously
Andrea Stocco and Paolo Tonella

Standing on the Shoulders of Software Product Line Research for Testing Systems of Systems
Antonia Bertolino, Francesca Lonetti, and Vânia de Oliveira Neves


Session 3: Management and Evolution (Mon Oct 12, 15:45-16:30 UTC)


Declarative Dashboard Generation
Alessandro Tundo, Leonardo Mariani, Marco Mobilio, Oliviero Riganelli, and Chiara Castelnovo

Towards Declarative Decentralised Application Management in the Fog
Antonio Brogi, Stefano Forti, Carlos Guerrero, and Isaac Lera

A Reconfiguration Approach for Open Adaptive Systems-of-Systems
Björn Wudka, Carsten Thomas, Lennart Siefke, and Volker Sommer


Closing (Mon Oct 12, 16:30-16:45 UTC)