Accepted Fast Panel and Abstracts



Session 1: The emergence of machine learning in software reliability engineering (Tue Oct 13, 14:30-15:00 UTC)

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Invited Experts
Ana Estela Antunes da Silva (UNICAMP - BR)
Nuno Lourenço (UC - PT)


Using Metamorphic Testing to Evaluate DNN Coverage Criteria
Jinyi Zhou, Kun Qiu, Zheng Zheng, Tsong Yueh Chen and Pak-Lok Poon

SIDE: Security-aware Integrated Development Environment
Naghmeh Ivaki and Nuno Antunes

Applying Machine Learning with Chaos Engineering
Juan Hernández-Serrato, Alejandro Velasco, Yury Niño and Mario Linares-Vásquez

Multi-Language Web Vulnerability Detection
Alexandra Figueiredo, Tatjana Lide and Miguel Correia


Session 2: The future of automated software reliability engineering (Tue Oct 13, 15:00-15:30 UTC)

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Invited Experts
Shinji Inoue (Kansai University - JP)
Damiano Torre (University of Luxembourg - LU)


Modelling CI/CD Pipeline Through Agent-Based Simulation
Qianying Liao

Automated Tool for Revising Masking MC/DC Test Suite
Zhenxiang Chen, Hironori Washizaki and Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Test-First for Abstracted Behavior of Software Using Extended Finite State Machine
Tomohiko Takagi and Koichiro Sakata

Model-based Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis based on FIDES Reliability Prediction
Nataliya Yakymets and Adedjouma Morayo


Session 3: New approaches for system assurance (Wed Oct 14, 15:45-16:15 UTC)

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Invited Experts
Raul Barbosa (UC - PT)
Tania Basso (UNICAMP - BR)


Unit Lemmas for Detecting Requirement and Specification Flaws
Ashlie B. Hocking, Jonathan C. Rowanhill and Ben L. Di Vito

TDABD: Test-Driven-Assurance-Based Development
Jonathan Rowanhill, Benjamin Hocking and William Hawkins

Should we “safely” handle the uncertainties at runtime? - A rather seldom asked question
Nishanth Laxman and Peter Liggesmeyer

Similarity Calculation of Executable Using Intel Pin Instrumentation Framework
Madhuparna Bhowmik, Madhumitha Nara and Biju R. Mohan